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No :231/A Gölbaşı/ANKARA

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F: +90 312 230 81 95

SERKA GROUP INVESTMENT is the other flagship of Kızılkaplan Group of Companies in the field of investment and it has been incorporated in 1997 a year marked by the peak of Group’s activities in finance sector. Following the strategic decision of leaving finance field in 2011, the company revised the objective and subject and began focusing on domestic and global investments in fields other than construction and contracting. Capital intensive in vestments falling within Group’s area of interest are being realized by SERKA due to its robust equity structure and financial competences

SERKA GROUP has been very closely following profitable business and investment opportunities in the real sector worldwide –naming just a few: energy, mining, industrial plants, organic agriculture and defense industries- and it can perform at many diversified fields including incorporating and acquiring existing firms and real estate properties.

SERKA GROUP has its own licensed mining deposits in Adana and Kayser and is currently working on financially challenging large scale industrial facilities and chemical manufacturing plants to be presented to Turkish economy

In this regard; with its experience over 20 years, with its expertise and know how accumulated through investments at diversified fields, with its competent and qualified professional staff, with its robust financial and institutional structure fed by its own equity and with its domestic and international connec tions and cooperations, SERKA GROUP may well evaluate new investment opportunities, business ideas and other possibilities together with you and specifically for you. Within this context; your projects and business ideas with completed feasibility studies, market search reports, income projections, business plans etc. shall be immediately assessed by a group of experts and consultants and the innovative, sustainable and rantable projects that have higher yields, shorter pay-back periods and risk-free nature shall be prioritized and investment/partnership decisions shall be made accordingly.