Ballıkpınar Mah. Ballıkpınar Küme Evleri
No :231/A Gölbaşı/ANKARA

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F: +90 312 230 81 95

From our first incorporation till present day, we –KIZILKAPLAN GROUP- dedicated ourselves to continually improving and renovating ourselves in line with global changes. Until now, we worked hard to compose a great accumulation in terms of capital, expertise and institutionalization. In the period between 1992-2012, we did our courseworks well and laid the foundations of our preparations for the years ahead. Within this period, we have invested and operated in both real sector and services industry as well as finance fields. During these operations, we have very well comprehended the importance of identifying the correct potential investments, the benefits of collaborating only with the best in their respective fields, the basic principles of doing business on a global scale and the true meaning and significance of creating an institutional corporate identity.

In light of our accumulation gained since the establishment of the Group and by forming a strong yet flexible corporate structure, we put forth and priotize the primary goal of identifying the projects that will most contribute to our evolution and expanding our investments accordingly by channelling our resources, means and capabilities into this direction. Albeit we are a group of companies investing for the brighter future of Turkey and calling that “we are here for Turkey” substantially, we strongly believe that Turkish entrepreneurial spirit and Turkish investors should find some upper ranks for themselves in the world league and therefore we are planning our investment projects on a global scale.

In light of the facts as expressed above; we both consider ourselves as an essential building block at constructing the stronger Turkey of tomorrow and aim at being one of the prominent actors of world economy scenery via our future investments on global scale. We strongly believe that in the past 20 years we have already accomplished our material and moral accumulation, our strong and reliable structure in financial terms and our full institutionalization that are all needed to meet the requirements of this critical mission and we are looking at the future much more hopefully, confidently and faithfully.

With this will and determination; I am fully confident with the success of Kızılkaplan Group of Companies –that I have always been proud of presiding- in this new challenging era. This confidence stems from my unyielding faith in the future of Turkey and our Group and inspired by dedicated, result-oriented, intensive and devoted works of my colleagues.