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MSK Group Investment Construction Tourism Co. Inc.

As one of the flagships of Kızılkaplan Group of Companies aiming to become a large real sector investment dynamo through strategical moves to be taken at the right time and at the right place, MSK GROUP Investment Construction Tourism Co. Inc. had been first incorporated on 18th July 1996 by Mr. Mahmut Servet Kızılkaplan for dealing mainly with infrastructure and superstructure construction and contracting works as well as the purchase and the sales of real estate properties and heavy construction machinery. Following the cease of financial operations in 2006, MSK Group began focusing and currently realizing real sector investments. In the beginning of 2013 and under the name and roof of MSK Group, it has merged with Kızılkaplan Construction Tourism Co. Inc. –the very first incorporation of the group whose history dates back to 1992.

In 2003 MSK Group had formed an ordinary partnership with KANALET Company and succesfully completed III. Phase of Denizli Sarayköy – Gölemezli Irrigation Network Project. In 2012, the Group had constructed Mercia Hotels and Resorts in Kumburgaz, Istanbul (that time the hotel was originally named as Kum Resort Hotel). In the same year, MSK contracted with BE-HA-ŞE Construction Co. Ltd. for construction of Grand Karaçay HPP Project in Samandağ, Hatay and the works are still under way in construction site.

The Group has intensified the construction and contracting investments with the new year and in 2013 started construction of Batılife Project comprising 48-apartment luxurious residence and 2400 m2 commercial area at Çakırlar District in Batıkent, Ankara on its own land plot. Simultenously, MSK contracted with Özdoğanlar Contracting Construction Industry Trade Co. Inc. who is the primary contractor for road and infrastructure works, electrical cabling and telecommunication lines of Northern Ankara Entrance Urban Transformation Project. At the same time, once again together with KANALET Company, a protocol has been signed with Seçenek Energy Electric Generation Co. Ltd. for construction of Kanyon Regulator and Hydro Power Plant (HPP) in Manavgat – Antalya, Turkey.

MSK Group has a very robust financial structure and all investments for above mentioned projects had been met by the Group’s own equity; the company bears no financial credit risks at any commercial bank.

Another important investment of MSK Group is Capital Country Club which is located on 246 acres of land in Gölbaşı, Ankara. Including a very special “country style” residential site comprising over 100 luxurious villa units to be constructed by the Group, Capital Country Club also hosts Başkent Equestrian Club –one of the most advanced and popular equestrianism facilities in Turkey. With the outdoor swimming pool, tennis courts, basketball and volleyball fields, fitness center, gaming halls, theme parks for kids, indoor and outdoor dining facilities, restaurants and bars; Capital Country Club can be described as a complete living center complex where all kind of horse care services are being provided in our horse pensions and all basic and professional horse-riding trainings can be offered to riders of any age in our sophisticated maneges. The facility also hosts the most prestigious and rewarding horse-jumping competitions in Turkey and it is literally the dearest “pupil” of capital Ankara.

For more detailed information and pictures on Capital Country Club, you can visit us at and please contact our friendly staff for all your questions about the facilities and the club’s paid-membership. We are pleased to invite all of you to our facility in Ballıkpınar village near Gölbaşı, Ankara where you can get rid of the stifling and stressed atmosphere of daily city life though for a limited time and share some unforgettable moments with your beloved ones.