With the ultimate aim of expanding through new investments at right place, on the right time and in the right areas and of becoming a global player in world economy through a sustainable growth; economic happenings at global conjuncture, business and investment opportunities in real sector are being very closely followed and monitored by the expert specialists within the Group and being evaluated in details according to some certain basic criteria. Therefore, it can be summarized that the main business philosophy of our Group is continuous monitoring, close following and detailed analyzing of investment opportunities in the rapidly changing and challenging business environment of today.

Working together with a team of competent expert staff is the basic requirement for the most accurate implementation of the investment decisions taken and realization of most rational and healthy analysis of macroeconomic figures and real sector developments. Therefore, our Group pay a special attention and emphasis to hire highly competent staff in their respective fields and to continuously improving existing staff for making them much more competent.

Investing for the future can not be fulfilled only by grasping the opportunity from today; it both requires taking the correct tactical moves at right time according to a comprehensive planning and an appropriate strategy and as well as to take necessary initiatives immediately. Thus, our Group adopted the principle of “an integrated and comprehensive planning approach” for all strategic decisions as one of the main corporate policies.

Our Group has been preparing itself for realizing some serious investments on a global scale and therefore inevitably chose total quality management approach and applications. This is not a mere necessity obliging us to follow but rather it stems from our unyielded faith for total quality understanding that has been already inscribed and existing at our corporate memory since the foundation of our companies. Naturally, our Group has dedicated and committed itself for indispensably maintaining and uncompromisingly sustaining of quality and institutionalization by placing the quality concept at the very heart of our business policies.

All of our investments and efforts for economic expansion are for the common good and wellbeing of mankind. Within this context, we are paying a special attention for our quality practices to be human oriented in all fields we serve or in all investments we realize. Besides aiming at the happiness of all mankind, we have some more complementary business policies such as respect for universal values, for laws and regulations, for diverse ways of living and for different cultures.

In addition to our strong confidence in quality, human orientation and rule of law; our Group has already adopted some other auxiliary policies such as respect for nature and for Earth, awareness for environmental problems and implementing eco-friendly approaches. As is seen clearly, our Group has chosen to become a direct party to the issues pertaining environment and will never compromise at this preference.