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Güneşli Bağcılar İSTANBUL

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Hedef Embroidery Industry and Foreign Trade Co Ltd.

Kızılkaplan Group of Companies was not indifferent to textile industry in Güneşli / İstanbul –the very heart of textile business- in 2009 and established Hedef Embroidery Industry and Foreign Trade Co Ltd. The company first started its activities by offering various raw materials, accessories (spangles, interlinings, backing, spray and needles) and metallized threads to manufacturers in embroidery field. Following its aggressive and succesful launch, the company strived to have the dominant position in domestic market at metallic yarns and some special interlinings and furthermore began representing and distributing a few products by German GUNOLD brand and British LUREX brand. While dealing with sales and marketing of these brands on one hand, the company –in accordance with market needs- started to get their own branded metallic threads manufactured in Far East (Korea & China) on the other and began selling them domestically and internationally. Similarly, the various raw material films for making plain, matte and hologram spangles are being imported from Far East and they have been processed in Hedef İplik’s own ateliers and workshops by using hundreds of specific molds that were developed according to customers’ demand.

As of today, Hedef İplik continues to sell more than 200 permanent customers from 3 different continents on a regular basis and continues to export its products to dozens of companies from Italy to Germany, from Poland to Tunisia and Spain to Thailand.

For more detailed information on our company and pictures of our products, you can visit us at and you can ask any questions regarding all kind of main and auxiliary accessories used in embroidery industry to our experienced staff and/or you can inquire for product catalogs, charts, samples and price lists directly from them.