For many people, there might be only one thing worse than having no investment plans, ideas or projections about the future; that is lack of moral, material and financial capabilities and means to realize those business ideas and investment projects which are believed to be successful and therefore concurring serious yields and revenues and/or lack of technical and operational know-how to realize these ideas.

Thus, starting from exactly this point; we –as Kızılkaplan Group- are trying to strive being the right adress of the right investments at converting those dreams into mere realities through our expertise of over 20 succesful years, accumulation and experience derived from our existing investments at diversified areas, our competent and qualified labor force, our strong financial and corporational structure fed by our own equity and finally our domestic and international business ties and collaborations.

In line with this point of view and with our global vision, we are always motivated and moved by the motto of “interact mutually and share jointly”. We believed that it has been always possible to get bigger by sharing and to get stronger by supporting. Even we have witnessed many times by experiencing ourselves that such an approach strengthens the people, the buildings, the corporations and the investments. Consequently, rather than thinking that “everything should belong to us” we strictly followed the principle of “we are stronger together” as a philosophy. Thanks to this basic approach, we have always aimed the better and the higher and we could manage to record a sustainable growth since our first incorporation till today.

What we can do for you and specifically together with you and what we can achieve jointly;

No matter where over the world and in which sector, by becoming a legal shareholder and partner to the existing ventures, we can provide all resources and busines links for completing the projects and investments that have been interrupted, abandoned and left unfinished due to lack of finance and operational capital.

We can supply some fresh cash injection by investing into those ventures that cannot be managed and carried out well due to struggles with challenging operational expenses and deep financial problems because of lack of assets; we can acquire the venture, the company or we can buy shares to become a legal partner.

For your potential investments where your financial means and capabilities are not suffice enough, we can provide additional finance or co-finance the project by being a partner and supply the required material resources required for your investment projects.

For such critical tenders where some bidders cannot meet the strict financial and/or professional criteria as per the tender’s administrative and technical documents, we can establish some ordinary partnerships and incoroporate Joint Ventures and consortiums.

We can join at some privatization programs and land, building, plant, equipment liquidations in any given country. We can invest together at many areas specifically but not limited to energy, tourism and hospitality, construction and contracting, mining, industrial and/or agricultural production and real estate development. Jointly, we can buy and acquire buildings, lands, plants, factories, mining deposits, hotels, dams, hydropower plants, etc.

Within this framework, all business opportunities, investment proposals and projects from your side will be rigorously evaluated by a team of experts and the priority will be given to those projects where the feasibility studies, market searches, income statements and business plans have been already completed and submitted for our consideration. After a careful review by our consultants, the innovative, sustainable, profitable and rantable projects that are believed to have higher yields, shorter pay-back periods and risk-free nature will be dealt accordingly.

It should be noted that in today’s economic arena that resembles a grand chess board, it is possible to win the game only by calculating the next steps and to take moves on the right time and at the right place. And it should be also remembered that you need to have pawns together with King and Queen to play the game. What matters is being together, planning together, acting together, aiming together and winning together.

We are cordially inviting you to submit us immediately your projects and business ideas that are waiting for investment and finance.

Right here…right now…

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