We are neither just a contracting group nor a mere tourism company. Nor we are a company that can be described as and classi-fied under any single notion or concept. We –as Kızılkaplan Group - will be operating worldwide at the sectors where there is a need for rational and strong investments and where there are profitable business opportunities and promising demands. Thus; rather than stereotyping ourselves with some ordinary classifications, we believe that it is much more convenient to associate ourselves with the sum of the areas that we have been investing and therefore refrain from classifying and defining ourselves through such exclusive and banal patterns.    
Within the time period passed by since our establishment, we – as Kızılkaplan Group - have always committed to continuously improving and renovating ourselves in line with domestic needs and global changes. While proceeding to present day, we worked a lot and tried to create a significant accumulation in terms of capital, experience and institutionalization. Within this framework, we have completed some big investments in Construction & Contracting, Tourism, Energy, Recycling, Textile, Manufacturing and Insurance fields and also we have undersigned some critical projects that are flourishing day by day.

Based on the mutual interest and common benefits, we – as Kızılkaplan Group- are not only cooperating with investors who would like to join us at our own projects but also with those who believe in their own business ideas and their own projects where they would like to combine their relative strengths with the capabilities, vision, expertise and robust financial means of a reliable and powerful Group. Within this context, we cordially invite you to partnering with us for your own business ideas and for your own investment projects that you are confident with.